According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–Give me a break. An Alaskan man will spend the rest of his life in prison for the January shooting that left five dead and six wounded. Federal Judge Beth Bloom ordered on Friday to accept a plea deal from Esteban Santiago. Santiago who is 28 agreed and admitted to the shooting if the prosecutors would not seek the death penalty. WOW. Once again We The People hear those magic words every killer wants to hear. (A Plea Deal) OK–The dude pleads guilty and he goes to the slammer for how long at 28? It could be 50 years and at what cost? Trial Lawyers love it, the gift that keeps on giving, which means his lawyers file a brief on his behalf from legal time to time (for a fee). Mention the death penalty and the Boo Birds come out in droves protesting. And then we wonder why our prisons are overcrowded.

More money is being spent to safeguard systems with only three months before the midterm elections. Maxine Waters will always blame the Russians, but According To PVT South the Democrats here at home did more hacking and meddling than all other Countries put together. They even rigged the Democratic Primary for Queen Hillary, and the only one who didn’t know it was Crazy Bernie.

Have you noticed the Liberal News Folks keep talking about how they are going to Impeach President Trump? That has been their game plan since day one. (just ask Maxine)

PVT South