Then there was light…

It is very strange to realize that a mega millionaire, with no political experience, carrying a light as bright as the sun, has lifted the vail of darkness on decades of political slight of hand. We Americans are a trusting lot. Many of us still take a man or woman at their word. We vote in elections confident that those in Washington are protecting our interests and keeping the Republic strong. Our elected officials have not only been trusted, but respected, even revered. Two years ago, amid cries of “Drain the Swamp”, we American’s started to discover that we had a problem. For decades we quietly wondered how that Representative went to Washington and emerged 20 years later a multi-millionaire. We wondered about the motives behind wars, and our growing debt and deficits. We questioned the Reagan amnesty that was to end illegal immigration, only to find as many as 20 million illegal aliens populating our country 30 years later. We heard from our leaders that we had to pass a monumental healthcare bill to “find out what was in it.” Just recently, we learned that in an uncertain world, a security clearance was a lifetime gift to an ex-employee??? We didn’t like what we heard and saw, but we were in denial. We are a good people. We have a system that is the envy to the world. We are strong, the strongest country in the world! We are OK! We are the United States of America! Then comes a man with the Sun around his neck. He is a disrupter for sure, but more importantly has forced Americans to think. We have been encouraged to think about what we want America to be. Do we as a people want to prosper and lead, or simply be one of the guys on the world stage. Do we want to continue to be a beacon for freedom or a Socialist pile of mush? Do we want our children to have boundless opportunity? The bright light carried by this man exposed a government run by many who have self interest as their main agenda. I fear this will be a very difficult time for our country. However, I believe 100% in it’s people. Don’t be afraid to question. No, you are not a racist and the KKK is insignificant, trust me on that. Teach your kids to respect the flag and the country it represents. Talk to friends and throw the bad apples out of the basket. Time to take our country back America!

Don,  Hope you are well old friend!

Scott Haberman