Single, male, white, educated, upper-middle class landowners matter, too!

Dear Ms. Marsolo,

I applaud anyone who is both an activist, in the community & is willing to be a part of their governance. Your, LTE, (letter to editor- entitled “Please Attend Hearings” 8/15/18),- clearly has good intentions- but I get lost in your content. As either a concerned member of the community or a candidate for Mayor of Cave Creek – you seem to be against everything/everywhere, in Cave Creek – which is your prerogative. What is so blatantly obvious, is your bias, bigoted, hypocrisy, based on your casually intended vulgar, repeated, use of the “K” word, in your identification of my property. It is neither human or an animal- just dirt, measured by meets and bounds w/ a legal name “The Center of Cave Creek.” You I.D. no other property by personal name, ( but I “hear” the guttural inflection of the heavy enunciation of the “K” when you slanderously use my last name, for derogatory emphasis). Even though I am clearly deemed a minority, in your community, ( less than 5%)- Single, Male, White, Educated, Upper Middle-Class,Landowners MATTER TOO !!

If you happen to get elected, as Mayor of Cave Creek, ( God & Bob please help me), or if sanity still will rule the dais- please, I beg of your Mayor & Council- please make your 1st mandate, as a new sitting Council, to stop the tolerance and social acceptance, of public hate, in Cave Creek. Make it a felony hate crime, at least in Cave Creek,( like straws in California), to use the epithet  “KITE” as an intended insult,of my property. It has been legally  proper & accepted for over 30+ years, (so please, show a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T., in Aretha’s honor), and call it “THE CENTER of CAVE CREEK”……Why can’t we all just get along……

….from a simple tax paying, community supporting, landowner- just trying to make a living, & to leave something behind,

Bob Kite
Cave Creek