Celebrating my first anniversary writing for Sonoran News

Dr Leisa

This is been a great year! As a former radio talk show host, I’ve missed that platform for getting the word out to the public on alternative health. People ask me all the time,” How can we learn more about the things you talk about in your office?” Thanks to Sonoran news, now I have that platform.

The reason the title of this article is The Other Side Of Your Health Story, is exactly that. I try to give people another option for their health decisions. Many times they are presented with only one solution. In most cases, there is more than one solution. I do my very best to research the latest information on each subject. If I can give someone an option for what they’ve been told, I feel good. This way they know a viable alternative, or more, is out there. And in most cases it works for them.

Alternative medicine or complementary medicine involves treatments that are not part of mainstream medical care. There are many treatments included in alternative medicine. Many more than I could even mention. The good news is, that there is a lot of research done on these treatments. Just because they are alternative does not mean that they are not evidence or science-based. As an alternative medicine provider, I spent hours per week researching the latest studies on therapies and protocols I use in my office. As I find new information, I am excited to write an article on it. My readers get to benefit from my hard work.

Functional medicine involves looking for the root cause of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms. This is especially important when the side effects of medications create other conditions or make them worse. I explain functional medicine to my patients like this. If the engine light went on in your car, you bring it to the shop. The mechanic doesn’t just shut off the light and send you home. You would have serious problems with your car or engine as a result. What they do is shut the light off AND fix the problem. Working on the root cause of a medical condition is just like this. I want to find out why the engine light went on, and prevent it from happening again.

I also like to educate people in taking control of their health. In my practice, my patients partner with me in their treatment plan. I teach them specific lifestyle changes, exercises, and diet to help their condition improve. I am only half of the plan. I coach them along the way so they can do what they need on their own to feel better.

Educating my patients and the public helps to spread the word in the community that there is more out there then traditional western medicine. Options are out there, and with proper research, together we can find what works best.

I truly thank all of you for reading my articles and hope you will continue to do so. I also encourage you to email me with any questions you might have. On my website, I also offer email newsletters on the latest trends in alternative health.

If you have any questions for me, please email them at DrLeisa@CaringPainRelief.com

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