Immigration vs. invasion

According to international law and convention,  a political refugee is usually granted sanctuary in the first democratic country he enters during flight. Why, then, does México forward these people to the USA, after they have crossed up to five borders in order to reach El Norte, the Land of Silk and Money, where they can feed and breed on the US taxpayer’s dollar?

I get it!: Mexican authorities receive the mordida, also known as coima in the southern cone of South America, and baksheesh in Arabic, a greasing of the palm by coyotes and “refugees.”

I am not against immigration. In August of 1953, I came to the USA from France, through Argentina, armed with a proper passport and authorization. I am a proud American citizen, and I resent the invaders who cross the border to live, feed and breed like rats while suckling the munificent teat of our tax base. Iran and North Korea deal harshly with invaders: BANG!

But El Tío Estúpido, the Stupid Uncle of El Norte, is unable or unwilling to apply immigration law as written…

Let the immigrants come, but let then do it through the front door, with permission!

Jean-Pierre A. Maldonado (aka J-P)