As the latest shooting of a Black man, Thurman Blevins of Minnesota courses through the news cycle, accusations of targeting and racism abound, it would seem that CNN, MSNBC, and their ilk have overlooked a few simple facts regarding the race issue.

With a presale record of $165 million the Black Panther enjoyed a blockbuster opening weekend in theaters nationwide. Black, and female, Opera Winfrey is being widely touted as a future presidential candidate. Without guffaws. Legions of black athletes and entertainers become millionaires each year in the NBA, NFL, MLB, film, music and television. The group Black Lives Matter contends black males are targeted for execution, while 2017/2018 statistics thru Feb. reveal 457 .white criminals killed V 223 black criminals. Barrack Obama was elected twice by a majority white population. Following college basketballs March Madness has become nearly a religion, watching mostly Black players.

With all that and numerous unmentioned examples, I just don’t see rampant racism blanketing the American landscape. To be sure situations arise on an individual basis, but not to the level bandied about by the race-baiters and agitators that the network news is want to feature and promote.

Where did all of this negative racial perception originate? The Biblical reference to the mark of Cain?  The Dred Scott decision? I think not. More likely from, and undoubtedly the most misunderstood compromise in American history. The 3/5 measure was introduced in 1783 by James Wilson of Pennsylvania which allowed the southern states to count only 3/5 of their Black population when determining representation in the House of Representatives. Black citizens were not considered a partial person, but slave holding states were denied greater representation than if their non-voting, indentured population was fully counted. The measure limited the southern states from strengthening and expanding slavery. This, with the Founders intent for future abolition of the practice. The northern states would not approve the U.S. Constitution without it and without it – no union. The south relented.

It mystifies me that so many members of the Black community seem to believe that wide spread racism lives in America in the twenty first century. Mr. Trump’s election alone has resulted in an all time low in Black unemployment, millions of companies are hiring Black employees. And at rising wages.

I participated in an unscientific survey of television product commercials. An hour and channel was selected at random , the result, nearly forty percent of the individuals featured in those commercials were Black. The base population of Black Americans is nearer fifteen percent. Don’t get me wrong, that count doesn’t bother me in the least, after all the merchants are selling to a diverse population, but I am curious where is all the racism the finger-pointers are witnessing? More confusing than a corn maze; it’s a conundrum.

Randy Edwards