According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, when illegals come into the US and start multiplying in large numbers (Guess what?) they want to take over and run things. Years ago the blacks were freed from slavery and now they want to take over. Ever since women could vote and then got political, now they want to take over. First it was the glass ceiling and then the Wxcszchite House. What is so amazing to me the Democrats are trying to make it happen. Just look at liberal California and San Francisco, the First Sanctuary city. The entire West coast has gone liberal including Hawaii with the exception of Alaska. Liberals hate snow and ice. Speaking of ICE, the Democrats want to get rid of it, if that sounds confusing then go back and watch cartoons.

Queen Hillary stated, “There should have been a note taker at the Trump and Putin meeting.” OK there should have been a note taker at the Slick Willie and Attorney General, Loretta Lynch meeting on her plane that was supposed to be a secret. When ole’ Slick got caught he lied about their conversation. (Didn’t he?)

Now the 28 year old Socialist babe in New York running for Congress, and she like crazy Bernie, want to play Santa Claus with tax payers money. Margaret Thatcher of the UK, explained how Socialism works, “socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.”

On the lighter side a sorority at Harvard University wants to make it (GENDER NEUTRAL). Parents pay $60,000 a year tuition to embrace those wonderful ideas.

Pvt South