Grizzlies seem to be aware

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– Somehow, the debate lingers as to the identity of the heaviest extant animal species native to North America. From that venerated source of information (television), I have observed the title being awarded to the Kodiak bear, the polar bear and the Bull Moose. However, naturalists generally agree the most massive beast of modern times is the American Bison, aka buffalo. One bull weighed just over 2,800 pounds. Each year people are seriously injured or killed when they ignore warnings to stay far away from the Bison bison (scientific name). Mother cows with calves are generally considered to be the most aggressive. Prior to approaching a bison while smiling, extending a friendly hand and using your “soft voice”– do realize these beasts can kill grizzly bears. Grizzlies seem to be aware.

– The world is now home to billions of people. In recent years, many of these folks have begun to visit places and “see the sights.” The tourist industry is a huge, money-making enterprise that has become a lucrative source of income in many regions. Bluntly stated, in some localities there are so many tourists that the local cultures are being eroded. The gold-egg producing geese are being destroyed. Sections of Venice are sometimes cordoned off, allowing only permanent residents to pass. Negozi turistici (Tourist shops) are taking up real estate where once butcher shops or post offices once stood because the profits reaped are extremely tempting. Many other historic sites in Europe (and elsewhere) face similar dilemmas. In one extreme case, the movie Frozen recently featured Lofoten Islands just off northern Norway. In 2017, the 25,000 residents on the islands found they were invaded by 1,000,000 tourists. Many shared facilities were overwhelmed. The one main road was often jammed with traffic day and night, allowing few opportunities for making needed pavement repairs.

– Farmlands and pastures are disappearing from much of our planet. The nation of Singapore has no farmland or pastures. 100% of the inhabitants (5.6 million) reside in an urban setting, packed together at a density surpassing 8,000 denizens per square mile. Singapore has some unusual laws including (1)It is illegal to use a public toilet without flushing ; (2) It is illegal to walk about unclothed in one’s own house; (3) It is illegal to discard chewed gum; (4) Possession or use of illicit drugs is a capital offense. The ONLY penalty for illegal drug possession/consumption is death. There are several other laws visitors really should know. Clever U.S. attorneys cannot help arrested Americans very much and penalties are generally strictly enforced. Well, caveat viatorem. Have a great day.