Show me the hard evidence!

After watching the explanation by the FOX media (more specifically Neal Cavuto along with a few others) of the Trump – Putin, Helsinki meeting, immediately following the news conference itself it seems no one remembers the fact more flies are caught with honey than they are with vinegar, in this case, especially in a world wide public media. I find myself wondering why would Trump try to embarrass a world leader before the whole world? Because it seems that is what the media is saying President Trump should have done.
Any demands he would make of Putin or for that matter Putin may make of Trump should be done in a private forum behind closed doors. Is a public denigrating confrontation seen as presidential? Not in my mind but it seems in the eyes of the press, yes. Why make a world leader angry or more likely, in a case such as this, totally mad. Why demonstrate actions not acceptable to anyone. Furthermore, why try to make Putin bow down to President Trump. This is not a show of power it is a move by president Trump to change something detrimental to the world. A nuclear threat of war.

That is the way President Donald J Trump sees it and I see his approach as respectable, proper and correct. An effort to accomplish as much as possible without giving the kitchen sink away. Which, for now, he is doing.

I, at this point, have complete confidence in the President and respect his ability to evaluate the situation better than any news reporter not face to face with Putin. Expecting President Trump to be over bearing and demanding in public is uncalled for by all these reporters. There is a time for diplomacy and a time for force this was a time for diplomacy. If diplomacy does not work there is plenty of time for force. Later!

In the final analysis who does not know both men, Trump and Putin, are extremely proud men and public force is seen as showing disrespect to them by each of them. Why would anyone denigrate a sitting President in public? That, by-the-way, includes Putin. What has happened here may not be the way MSNBC, or CNN or perhaps even some FOX reporters would have liked to see Trump proceed. But if he had followed their desires he would have likely not had a possibly of another meeting and progress would have ended before it even got started. And that is the best case scenario. However, he is the president and so far he has done a magnificent job with the leaders of other nations. Everything takes time and it will in this case as well.

Who among us remembers Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame who stated on more than one occasion he did not get his information, regarding the DNC and the Clinton campaign, from Russia.

Putin saying he wanted Trump to win the election of 2018 proves many good things about his judgement. However, it does not in any way prove he or any member of his administration colluded with any Trump campaign member or Trump to fix the election in his favor. Furthermore, no one to date as been able to prove otherwise!

President Trump said he wanted to see some hard evidence Russia was behind any kind of attempt to control and sway the election to him. That is not a bad thing and has nothing to do with not believing or not trusting the intelligence agencies. Consequently, these reporters thought we should just take the intelligence agencies word, without question. regarding the Russian involvement in the election of November 2016.

In the final analysis however, President Trump has unequivocally taken the correct path for him to approach this. His actions are and have been presidential. Here is an example; imagine, if you would, what would have happened in the middle east if GW Bush would have said show me the hard evidence Saddam has WMD’s. When the intelligence agencies reported, nearly unanimously, Saddam Hussain had WMD’s he wrongly took their word and he started the war in Iraq. How different would the middle east be today? Especially Iraq and Iran! For that matter how different would the world be today?

Donald (Don) Bitler
Disabled Veteran, Published Author
Retired Pilot, and 50 plus year
Scottsdale resident