Question for candidates

On July 24 I visited a town hall event (“open to Cave Creek residents”, according to seat cards) apparently organized by candidate Wright supporters. I expected a debate among council candidates. I brought along a question that I tried to have included, but the moderator told me that the forum format was strictly prearranged questions and answers. My proposed question could not be included. So I left, not wishing to be possibly suspected of collusion, especially if my planned visit to Russia later this year somehow became known.

Anyway, what follows is my question. Maybe a candidate will reply via letter to Sonoran News.


In 2008 approximately 4000 acres of State-owned trust land was made part of the Town of Cave Creek by expanding the town limits on the western border. Since then there has been no change in the status of the property.

Does anyone have any proposal about how to proceed, such as:

a). Following the Spur Cross example and issuing a bond with an associated

property tax, seeking the State Land Department to auction the

parcel to the highest bidder, and trying to buy the 4000 acres.

b). Requesting that the State Land Department change the property

status back to its original situation as part of Maricopa County outside

Cave Creek.

c). Finding a generous organization or government to buy the property at a State land auction for the purpose of establishing a land conservation area or public park.

d). Persuading the State Land Department to offer a Grazing Lease to someone actively engaged in the livestock business so that goats, sheep, or cattle can roam within the town limits.

Jim Peirce