Signs and election


Election signage is out of control in Cave Creek. I wonder if candidates think “The more signs, the more votes.” Not true, especially here. Eileen Wright wins the most signs, hands down. She has even adopted a two size method so she can cover more ground. I for one am sick of seeing them. Maybe Cave Creek should limit numbers and placement.

Voters remember promises like her and her buddy Reg Monachino have made but they cannot keep those promises because their one vote really means one vote. A majority of four votes is required to effect change.

Monachino is next in the most and biggest signs. I guess those signs and holdovers from his short term before RECALL with Adam Trenk, him and two others. The two others have stayed away from Town Hall, as has Trenk but not Monachino, who thinks he is special, which he is not. He is a LIAR who spoke to council saying we are anti-semitic while our Jewish reporter sat at the council meeting.

At the same meeting Monachino’s buddy Paul Diefenderfer spoke about our distribution claiming it was too expensive. When an interim town manager was hired by the Trenk group, he immediately stopped all advertising with Sonoran News. He contracted with the Arizona Republic, a limited distribution rag. When the Trenk group was recalled we were rehired because Sonoran News went to all homes and businesses which the Arizona Republic flyer did not. More fake news!

But it does bring up Rodney Glassman who has papered our county and more as a Republican candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, although Glassman misspelled ‘Commission’ in his filing. Now our streets are spoiled with his large size sign.

After his 7 month job as Town Manager of Cave Creek he didn’t earn any respect here and guess who is supporting him? The Chair of his exploratory committee is Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Secretary of State Michele Reagan also is a Glassman supporter. What are these people thinking? And of all things Glassman is running based on “Integrity.” Montgomery and Reagan need to investigate his record. Both a mistake.

I received an e-mail from Vice Mayor Adam Trenk defending his decision to appoint Mr. Glassman and ridiculing my comment concerning the town’s exposure to expensive litigation.
Here is one example about Glassman, there are many more if Republicans care:

Hello Linda…..I just finished reading your excellent article on Rodney Glassman. Thank you for helping to unmask this fraudulent self-serving “flim-flam man” for who he really is; a greedy do nothing opportunist seeking to continue to suck out of the taxpayer’s money trough. I met him on several occasions and had the opportunity to observe his phony antics while living in Tucson. He is nothing but a scheming big mouth self-promoting windbag. He personifies the over educated fool who believes all those letters following his name will mean that he is something special. I will call “bull shit” on that one!

Keep exposing Mr. Glassman for the fraud he is.

BTW: I love your paper! Not many left like yours that will tell the unfiltered truth.

Be sure to read John Hoeppner’s article from that era.

Maybe there is a solution to the Mayor dilemma. To avoid unlikely election of Eileen Wright, I am going to offer this. I will vote for Troubador Bunch for Mayor, but if within 6 months he doesn’t promote the following, I will participate in a recall.

1)    Stop all use of parking lots for other than customer parking.

2)    Stop all Cave Creek road closure except for schools and special non-vehicle parades.

3)    Also stop bike lane use for parking motorcycles.