Deed retrictions

Gentleman if we ever needed a good watchdog newspaper, it is now. Pete Spittler is after Brenner Hill 5 parcels, which are zoned residential to go commercial.  The CC & R’s are deed restricted to residential use only until December, 2019.  Owners can extend. Town council 2016 gave Spittler development transfer rights on these 5 parcels, but no one knows yet where the high density transfer will land – nor what neighborhood, what property?

Counil last year gave him his amendment to the GP zoning map, showing these parcels now as commercial.  At that time, council questioned if he had approached the homeowners yet and he said no, but that he would.

How will Spittler get past the deed restrictions?  Why is he moving forward on this?  The best question: do we want this man working any development agreement with our town? We need your help to bring out this upcoming agenda item by council & expose this man for his past defaults, which may hurt our town if he habitually behaves the same.

Thank you,

Anna Marsolo