July 25 – 31, 2018

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  On Thursday, July 26, Mercury turns retrograde.  The next day, Friday, July 27, we will experience the Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius.  This combination could make chaos out of order in double speed.  Recognize that many will be repeating false rumors that they believe to be true.  Don’t panic over whatever you hear/read until it is verified by two or even three others that you trust.  Considering the symbolism with what we see occurring in this country, I have to propose that this may be the week in which the big companies will shorten band width of the internet to those who can’t afford to pay higher premium prices.  If not now, it will likely happen soon.  The purpose of a Full Moon Eclipse is to expose that which has been in the shadows, the secrets that we, the public, have not been privileged to know.

Aries:  It is possible that someone is declaring love, loyalty, and more to you.  This is a person who is not to be trusted and who may have entered your radar in Feb. or March.  He/she has a hidden motive.  It is possible that this person wants to take credit for your work or something you have created.  Don’t divulge your secrets.

Taurus:  Uranus has entered your sign (May, 2018) for essentially seven years.  Sometimes Uranus brings a type of highly wired mental energy that can keep you on edge.  If this becomes uncomfortable, counteract it with physical activity and things that will draw your attention to your body rather than to the static flying through your mind.

Gemini:  Please read the lead paragraph because your planetary avatar, Mercury is changing directions this week.  This suggests that you will change your mind about something you have been planning.  New information has come to light that causes you to abandon the first plan.  Use caution as you proceed over the next four weeks.

Cancer:  The full Moon eclipse of this week may bring old habits in relationships to your attention.  You know you don’t want to repeat this less mature system of dealing with partners or others.  (One less mature pattern of Cancer involves hiding out rather than handling an issue directly.)  It is scary to change habits in relationships, but it is time to do so.

Leo the Lion:  (July 22–Aug 22)  The Sun has returned to your sign.  It is an energizing aspect.  Stay conscious of your actions, lest they be overwhelming to others.  Don’t roll over people.  If you do, there will be unfortunate consequences.  Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your attention.  Use this month to let go of past hurts and take a deep breath of healing energy.

Virgo:  Memories from your life history may surface for examination at this time.  Old friends or acquaintances who return for a short time could be the trigger for this life review.    For that reason, circumstances will slow down in your outer life.  If the memories are painful, examine your own behavior at the time.  Do not assign blame until you have honestly reviewed your contribution.

Libra: This may be an unsettling week, due to no fault of your own.  Circumstances change rapidly and you will be called upon to adjust, while keeping your balance.  Relationships to partner(s), lovers, and children may have tensions.  Look outside of the box to resolve difficulties.  A change of venue and different environment may make all the difference.

Scorpio:  A person with authority, or one who thinks he has authority, may push you around this week.  Your angry response is understandable.  However, your position in this situation is relatively powerless so a return attack will not serve you well.  Gather your helpers and come back to this situation later after you think it through.

Sagittarius:  It appears you are mulling over where you stand with regard to moral, ethical and philosophical issues.  Information has come to your attention that pressures you to recognize a fallacy in your belief system.  This is disturbing, but it is the only way to stretch the system.  What has been a black/white issue has more gray than you previously thought.

Capricorn:   A new initiative or idea that began at the beginning of this year has come to a point in which you can move no further without making adjustments.  You may be required to wait on another factor before proceeding.  The problem may have to do with resources (money, time, or energy).

Aquarius:  Although you may be sorely tempted to use devious methods to get what you want, that action will only catch you on the backside.  Karma is fairly immediate for you right now.  Offer those in authority your respect, at least for their status in the world.  In the fall you have a more direct path to accomplish your aims.

Pisces: This eclipse is in your twelfth house of the unconscious mind.  It suggests you need to explore what is going on with you beneath your usual routines.  Helpful tools could be:  counseling or therapy, hypnosis, dream study and/or journaling.  Find out what your unconscious is creating.  If you don’t like it, address that and redirect its patterns.

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