According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–Paul Ryan stated “Russia is trying to undermine our democracy”. That is true–but they have been doing it for years just like the Democratic Party, but those suckers are supposed to be on our side. Remember James Carville, remember his statement to the American voters? (It’s the economy stupid) When Obama left office, the DOW on the NY Sock Exchange was just over 18,000. Now with Trump in charge it’s over 25,000. (you do the math) OK–Once again–Where would America be today if Queen Hillary had won? (take your time)

Did you notice Obama was in South Africa recently and made a warning statement about (the politics of fear and resentment). How about that. Fear and resentment has always been part of the Democratic playbook. (or have you noticed)? America is doing great again, and without the help of Democrats in Congress. (they should be helping) All they want to do is impeach him because he beat Hillary. (cry me a river)

The mid-term elections will determine how the 2020 Presidential plays out with Trump in the driver’s seat. If the Republicans pick up seats in both Houses, the Democrats will just punt to save money and run two wannabes just for show. (Fritz and Geraldine) Biden won’t run and spend all that time just to lose, but Queen Hillary would do it just for the money, and then she would be three for three. OK–She could get 40 million votes, but so could Pee Wee Herman. (the mentally challenged voter must be heard) In 2024, the Democrats are now really serious (will they actually run two white guys)? Crazy Bernie won’t even make the cut, so now it’s all about the Republican side. How about Pence and wait for it (Trump Jr.) That would really make my day, as for the Democrats, not so much.

Time Magazine now thinks Trump is a spy, and that is why Dearly Beloved–God created ears for the human race and most Democrats. It keeps your head from falling through your fanny. (have a nice day).

PVT South