July 18 – 24, 2018

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  We are in the midst of a several week period in which many of us will feel compelled to revisit the past in some way.  Old issues of resentment and anger may resurface for a better cleansing.  A helpful ritual in these times is to clean out closets, eliminate useless items, and organize clutter.  There is something about these activities that helps us to clear our thoughts.  If you are troubled by an old angry demon, be aware that it is looking for a fresh perspective.  Work it out with a heavy project, or write it out in a journal and consider whether that demon must still be revered by your ego.  This same aspect occurred in early June and will repeat in late September.  We have the full summer season to wrestle the demon to the ground.

Aries:  You may encounter one or more people who are past friends this week.  Remain conscious of where you are today and don’t entangle yourself in that world again.  Maybe it is good for an afternoon’s visit, but not for a lifestyle.  Current events in your life may be reminders of a painful past.  This is old stuff.  Make an effort not to wallow in it.

Taurus:   Be aware that you are in a sensitive frame of mind and may misinterpret that which is said to you.  You may be the one who hears what you want to hear.  Take your impressions with a grain of salt until you clarify what was originally intended.  It is also possible that someone may be deliberately misleading.  Call on your best judgment.

Gemini:  This is a great week for a getaway.  Do something novel, even if you don’t leave home.  Your mind is open to whatever seems fresh and unique.  A surprise may occur related to a roommate, neighbor or a sibling.  The Twins always like to move from place to place.  Stay aware that this is not the time to buy a car, whether used or new.

Cancer:  This is a week in which reminders crop up from past losses.  Sometimes these hurts have to be worked through again, like peeling an onion until it eventually disappears.  We are in the week’s lull between two eclipses.  Eclipse patterns are difficult for Cancerians.  You have the gift of empathy, so be your own best friend at this time and take care of yourself.

Leo the Lion:  (July 22–Aug 22)  This is a very good time to stay out of your significant other’s way.  He or she is experiencing an old anger from the past and may be projecting it on you.  It is possible that you did accidentally trip the other’s trigger.  Things will work better in the end if you do not respond with equally forceful anger.

Virgo:  You want to be close and as you reach out, the “other” just seems to evaporate or evade you.  This is truly disappointing.  This could be a one time thing or you may have attracted a vampire, one who takes energy but can’t give it back.  Don’t buy it.  You are worth much more than that.

Libra:  The last thing in the world you want to do right now is follow routine.  Give yourself some slack and take a breather.  If you don’t, you will resent it and that uses more energy than it is worth.  Let your imagination flow and consider adding something beautiful, maybe inspirational, to your everyday surroundings.  It will perk up your attitude.

Scorpio:  Experiences of this week may be reminiscent of hurts you have felt in the past, perhaps with other people.  Try to be honest in your reaction to today’s circumstances.  Don’t let yourself fall into an old pit.  One or more items in your home or car may break. It’s a nuisance, but these things happen sometimes.

Sagittarius: Your optimistic and happy attitude causes others to join your bandwagon and support your projects.  You can envision a grand result and are able to express it in a way that others can understand.  The reward will be great enough that everyone will benefit.

Capricorn:  This is a period in which you may encounter someone from your past.  If not a person, then you may confront a debt or a promise made some time ago.  There really is no way around it.  You must take responsibility for your part.  It will haunt you if you don’t.

Aquarius: This time brings a drama with your significant other that does not even really belong in that department.  Your ego may be a bit bruised, but the real wound happened many years ago.  Don’t ask that your partner compensate for injuries of your childhood.  Maintain perspective and focus only on the present time.

Pisces: The Sun is in an uncomfortable aspect to Neptune, your ruling planet.  You may not be feeling well.  If so, lighten up on your exercise routine and get some extra rest.  You or someone else may be guilting you.  Ignore that voice.  You don’t have to prove anything to pay for your existence.

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