Carefree Term Limits case comes to an end

According to court records, on June 26, the Town of Carefree filed an objection to Vice Mayor Crane’s request for attorney fees in Crane’s Term Limits case against the Town. Term Limits were approved by voters by proposition in 2011. According to Mayor Les Peterson, the objection was filed by the Town because it was thought the fees billed by Crane’s attorney should be lower. Peterson pointed out that ultimately the Town of Carefree is responsible for paying the attorney’s fees. Crane has stated publicly that he (Crane) would reimburse the Town for the legal fees.

Judge Hugh Hegyi ruled on July 5, not only is the Town “enjoined from taking any action to enforce Proposition 421 passed at the March 8, 2011 Town election and the portions of Ordinance 2016-01 that codify Proposition 421”, but Carefree must also pay $9,835.00 for Crane’s attorney’s fees as well as $322.00 for court costs, a total of $10,157.

On July 9, John Crane filed a Notice of Satisfaction of Judgement. According to Crane, the filing was made to prevent the Town from having to pay Crane money awarded by the court.