Unconstitutional conservative

Does Senator Steve Smith claim to be a Constitutional Conservative only during the election cycle. Yes! The proof is Smiths bill SB1519 that tries to abuse Articles 2, 4 and 6 of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Specifically Senator Smith wants to violate your 6th amendment right to face your accuser with anonymous tip lines. Weakens the legal standard of evidence from beyond a doubt, to a preponderance of the evidence and has you held without charges or bond. Worse yet, Senator Smith wants to use criminal matters (Threats or attempts of grieves bodily injury or death) to “detain” you and put you in a mental institution, but not arrest you. You would not be charged with a crime and thus you would loose the legal protections of due process, evidence and bail.

Then he wants judicial abuse of your rights by having courts issue orders and warrants to seize your property (guns), without charge, trial or conviction and thus violating your 4th and 2nd amendment Rights.

All this abuse of your rights on an anonymous tip?? How would anyone protect himself or herself from this kind of attack?? How can we protect ourselves from Senator Smith and why would we give Senator Smith more power?!

Drake Mitchell