Chuckies revenge

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has gone apoplectic over the nomination of Judge Bret Kavanaugh to fill the soon to be vacated Kennedy seat on the Supreme Court. His rage is misplaced. He should be angry with Harry Reid for scrubbing the filibuster rule, at Hillary for not winning, at Ruth Ginsburg for not stepping aside during the Obama administration and at himself for being shallow enough to believe this appointment is about Roe V Wade.

 What President Trump is doing, and is his duty, is appointing jurists who will interpret issues before them based on their constitutionality not some political agenda. Chuckie wants to destroy a qualified judge on politics that should not and do not apply. He should read the Federalist Papers #78 in which Alexander Hamilton wrote – concerning an appointed judge’s behavior on the bench – “Its propriety having been drawn into question by adversaries of the plan is no light symptom of the rage for objection which disorders their imaginations and judgements. (That would be you Chuckie.)  Hamilton wrote further, on separate branches saying, “…there is no liberty if the power of judging be not separated from the legislative and the executive powers.”

This process Mr. Schumer is not about politics, but judging and interpreting the law. Your attempt at revenge is transparent and futile.

Randy Edwards