Don’t tread on me

Forcing me into paying a new tax or to pay the health premium of others is a detriment to my family’s and my own health. If you feel so moved and are financially able, start a non-profit for those in need of health care instead of forcing me to against my will and ability.

Forcing me to spend my limited time on earth learning Spanish is not right because English should remain the native tongue of the U.S. If an immigrant doesn’t want to learn our language and follow our culture, they should find somewhere else to immigrate to. Forcing me to learn Spanish is interfering with my pursuit of happiness as I don’t find learning Spanish pleasureful nor the best use of my time in pursuing happiness. Why am I forced to learn Spanish? For employability reasons.

Don’t allow immigrants into our country who want to kill off Americans and the American way of life. Muslims hate freedom of speech as it gives the best ideas a chance to win instead of only their ideas. Ideals like quitting Islam and the penalty is death, no-go zones, Islamic terrorist organizations posing as “aid” groups:CAIR, Hijrah, Taqiyya, Jizya, Dhimmi, Dar al-Islam, Quran 8:39, Death Threats:Salman Rushdie, Taharrush Gamea:Lara Logan, Honor Killing:Rifqa Bary, FGM, Sharia Law:Irving TX and  more are not American values.

Not enforcing immigration laws leaves our borders wall-less so anyone can come in.  Are you aware of homeless Americans? Can we solve this issue before we even consider allowing any more immigrants in?  Can we take good care of our ailing veterans before we consider allowing more immigrants in?

Giving law breaking immigrants a free pass in sanctuary cities allows them to kill Americans, like Kathryn Steinle. In addition, why are we not charging the government officials who gave life to “sanctuary cities” with treason and charging them with the crimes their illegal immigrants committed?

The Gadsden flag shows a snake ready to strike over the words: DONT TREAD ON ME. It is meant to be a warning.