According to PVT South

Dearly beloved, the Supreme Court upholds Trumps travel ban and the Democrats are not happy. The illegals have been coming here for years (just look at California) and for eight years Obama encouraged children from everywhere to come to the United States through Mexico. That means the Mexican government is the major problem, so what to do about it? Question, if Mexico gets foreign aid, then STOP it until Mexico gets its act together about our border. Again, I must repeat myself, We the People still need the Wall, but a sound National ID System would work wonders in America. It would take time but to work in the USA, one has to prove citizenship and that alone would force many illegals to go home. (They should not be our problem). As for the children of illegals, who became automatic citizens since they were born here (On purpose) should return home with their parents. (Cry me a river).

Maxine Waters has become the face of the Democratic Party and some Democrats are not happy with her. It would appear to some folks that the Democratic Party has become, (The party of hate). Since Queen Hillary lost, the liberal press, news media, late night talk shows, and Hollywood have doubled down trying to discredit Trump and it’s not working. (Long live Maxine). Did you noticed the cute 28 year old babe for New York that upset a 10 term Democrat who didn’t pay attention just like Hillary? She is a down home, dyed in the wool, Socialist, just like crazy Bernie, so we will have to wait and see how smart they are in New York.

Just today another terrible shooting in Annapolis, Maryland. OK the gun control boo birds will come out, but we never hear what kind of action should be taken about the shooter. He will be turned over to the authorities and go through the tidiest process of our Justice system. (How boring and time consuming is that).  Dearly beloved, there has to be a better way because another shooter is getting ready.

PVT South