Dove Valley Animal Hospital: Your best bet for a vet for your pet

When your loved ones are hurting, you want the best care possible for them. That includes the four legged ones with fur or scales or even those that slither. Dove Valley Animal Hospital has been in the shopping center at Carefree Highway and North Black Mountain Parkway (48th Street) for over 15 years.

They moved to a bigger space in the shopping center a few months ago and not only have more exam and treatment space but also new advanced equipment. Some of that equipment, like an endoscope or ultrasound, you may not find elsewhere. They also perform advanced surgeries that can’t be done at other veterinary facilities.

One thing you’ll notice about this animal hospital is the people. Veterinarian Mike Kiedrowski (Dr. K), who is a managing partner and one of the owners at Dove Valley says, “We hire for personality.” He added, “Our employees love being here,” noting that some have long commutes so they can work at this hospital rather than a place closer to home. The team at the hospital shows not only their care and concern for the patients, but also for the pets’ owners as well.

Of course top notch care can always be expected at Dove Valley Animal Hospital. Whether it’s for vaccinations, dental work, illness or injury, you know your pets are in great hands. There are four veterinarians on staff and they are the only place in the area where you can get care for your pets 7 days a week. There are extended hours on weekdays 7:30am – 7:00pm.
The doctors at the hospital are called upon for their expertise by many organizations and agencies including Phoenix Herpetological Society, AZ Game & Fish, Maricopa County Parks, and the National Forest Service. Plus, unlike many veterinary clinics which pay their doctors based on how much money they generate for the company, Dove Valley Animal Hospital doctors get a salary so they can take a few extra minutes to find out more about what’s wrong with your pet, and won’t order unnecessary tests or procedures because of the money.

Most people are limited in their treatment choices by their insurance. Pet owners usually have greater options for treatment and Dove Valley Animal Hospital is the right choice to make. There are payment plans available to help you get your pet the proper treatment needed. A ‘Vaccines for Life’ program lets you make a low one-time payment and your pet’s annual core vaccines are free for the rest of your pet’s life.

So if you want the best for your pets, go the place that gives friendly, caring, compassionate care, Dove Valley Animal Hospital. Dove Valley Animal Hospital is located at 4815 East Carefree Highway, Suite 107. You can also reach them by phone at 480-595-5731, or online at