The American Gestapo

It’s increasingly difficult now to quarrel with the assertion that the Obama Administration Department of Justice (DOJ) with its Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) unleashed is the full blown American Gestapo. The evidence is already overwhelming that the DOJ knowingly, purposefully and illegally tried to impede the Trump presidential campaign while using every tactic at its disposal to assist Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign including saving her from a richly deserved criminal indictment. And more hard evidence is still oozing out despite the herculean efforts of the DOJ/FBI to prevent release of its documented criminal behavior from becoming public. From AG Holder’s actions on the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, MO that literally put a bulls eye on the back of police officers everywhere to AG Lynch recusing herself from the Clinton prosecution decision once she was assured that her FBI Director Comey would do his illegal part to ensure that Clinton would not face prosecution. We also know that the FBI’s domestic spying activities on Trump campaign officials received substantial help from the White House and the so labeled “leakers and liars” of the National Intelligence and Central Intelligence Agencies. And all the while Obama, at his own insistence, was kept current on every detail. The information now emerging shows just how smarmy and corrupt the Administration was. This illegal, corrupt and unchecked behavior at the highest levels of our government is something I never imagined could happen in this country, yet here it is and it makes Watergate pale in comparison. Watergate was a third rate burglary of the office of the Democrat National Committee by five incompetent burglars tied to the then president’s reelection campaign wherein the ultimate crime was that the President and ‘all the President’s men’ tried to cover it up and lied about it. This is so much more given that the highest levels of the government were actually hands on in executing it. Although ex-FBI Director Comey is the fall guy du jour for good reason, it is inconceivable and likely impossible that he was acting on his own and certainly there will be other shoes to drop.

Russia could not possibly have influenced the presidential election more than the criminal manner our own government did including planting and nurturing the seed (Trump Dossier) that Russia was the culprit behind it – and the resulting endless and senseless “Russian Investigation” that continues today.

This whole affair is frightening and depressing and the most important question is how in the world can the US government ever regain any credibility and the trust of the American people? Trust in the government and its institutions is a fundamental tenet of our democracy. It’s very difficult to comprehend how this could happen in America.

Bob Williams
Cave Creek