Let’s not make a huge mistake with Kyrsten Sinema

Has anyone but me and my friends and family noticed the around the clock, 7 days a week, every major TV channel playing political campaign ads for Kyrsten Cinema?

Who is paying for them all?

Anyone can check opensecrets.org to find out who is paying for her campaign.  You can also find out where these donors are from and who they are.  Her top donor is a group called Emily’s List, which is an abortion advocacy group based in Washington DC, not Arizona. Her second biggest donor group is Crescent Financial Group based in South Carolina, not Arizona. Women Count is another large donor from out of state that advocates abortion. Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Aetna are also big donors because Sinema will promote single payer, national government health insurance and these companies will prosper on the government trough of money.  Add to the outside donor list Royal Bank of Canada!  Hmm..  American Airlines also contributes to Sinema’s campaign, based in Texas. The only big Arizona donor is ASU.

Her campaign is funded about 52% by large Individual donors and groups. Many from outside of Arizona. 28% is PAC money.  Less than 15% of her campaign funding comes from small individual donors less than $200 each. How much does Ms. Sinema contribute to her own campaign??  ZERO.  She does not even use her own money for her own election. She uses other people’s money! Typical Leftist.

If Arizona allows Kyrsten Sinema to use outside money and influence to this degree as a US Senator, Arizona will not have a representative in the Senate. She will vote as her out-of-state donors wish and as Chuck Schumer directs her to vote.

Sinema is a solid Leftist socialist, given her track record over many years, and yet her commercials try to cleanse her Leftism by using police and military as “Political Props.” She is not conservative and she does not represent the majority of Arizonans.  I hope we have learned our painful lesson of sending terrible Senate representatives to Washington DC.  Sinema, as Senator, would further hurt Arizona.

Steve C.
Phoenix, Arizona