Illegal alien Invasion continues

After our efforts back in 2007-8, to drive the illegals out of the “Day Labor” church and succeeding. We set our sights on the Day Labor Center at 25th street and Bell Rd. After about a year, we managed to break the management, who put the land up for sale.

Now we have a chance to completely seal our borders under the direction of our President! I think the time has arrived for those who’s “ox hasn’t been gored” and none of your relatives are dead at the hands of an illegal alien, start demanding that the government, you are paying for, do the job! Follow the law or suffer the consequences!

If you cross our border illegally, you will be turned around and booted back to where you came from, the same way you got here. Good luck on the long walk south through Mexico. That is unless you are Mexican. If you can’t do it right, we don’t want you!

Buffalo Rick