Lawless, biased federal judges

Federal Judges who have lifetime appointments to the federal courts are letting us down.  I cannot remember the last time a Federal Judge that was appointments by Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama have followed the rule of law and Constitution in recent years.  The most recent is the needless fiasco the Leftist judges created when they chose to interfere and usurp a sitting President’s authority to determine foreign traveler entry policy for national security.  This is a simple and pure case of a President exercising Constitutional powers given to the office in the US Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

Yet, several Federal Circuit judges decided they were going to abuse their power and tarnish their Constitutional roles by going against President Trump who is trying to keep potential terrorists out of our country.  Even after this case got to the Supreme Court, the 4 Leftists also decided to break the Constitution and go hard Left, putting their personal politics ahead of the law.  Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer once again prove they do not give a darn about what the Constitution says.  Thankfully 5 Supreme Court Justices understand the rule of law and the Constitution.  Hopefully President Trump will be able to replace some of these 4 Leftists over time with real honorable, Constitutional Justices.

Carey Catanza
Surprise, Arizona