Our fragile electric grid

For the past few years, I’ve been communicating with state and federal legislators and other select government officials attempting to spearhead a program to harden our electric grid.

I recently sent a letter to Mr. Donald Brandt, CEO of APS to encourage APS to become a leader in a quest to harden the electric grid, not only in Arizona but for the rest of the nation.

With present technology, the grid can be hardened and the expense to do the construction is reasonable.

Even with dire warnings from investigative commissions, citizen groups and individuals, there’s been a resistance to harden our fragile grid by power companies, state and federal governments.  This is why someone needs to take a leadership position….. and this leadership could be provided by APS.

APS failed to respond to my letter which clearly demonstrates to me and to the citizens of Arizona that Mr. Brandt and APS have absolutely no interest in protecting us from a possible disaster.

The consequences for not hardening the grid could be catastrophic resulting in millions of deaths. Therefore, we need citizens to become educated concerning this possible life and death situation and then to exert pressure on those who can fix this critical problem.

John Shields