June 27 – July 3

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on Thursday, June 26.  It is surrounded by difficult aspects.  There likely will be impediments to forward motion during this week.  The challenges are related to some situation that was not well grounded in the first place.  The general attitude is likely to be negative.  “No” will flavor the week, so choose another time if you want a “yes” answer to a request.  At the worst extreme we’ll see The Critic everywhere we turn.  At the most favorable we will have satisfying educational experiences and wise mentors.

Aries: This looks like a week in which you really want to say your piece, but you have a sense that would be a bad idea.  Agreed.  Your ruling planet, Mars, is retrograde.  If someone “attacks” you, then you may safely defend yourself.  But if you want snipe at anyone else, you’d best keep it to yourself for now.

Taurus:  Your mind is restless and easily bored this week, so find a variety of interesting things to read.  You are feeling independent and you may want more alone time than is the norm.  Sometimes we just need to see different surroundings.  If you have these symptoms, try a brief weekend trip.  Ground your energy in your body to avoid the jitters.

Gemini:  An unexpected surprise may alter your plans and turn your cart upside down for a time.  Don’t waste time and energy trying to keep things the same.  Interruptions cannot be avoided, so do your best to go with the flow

Cancer:  (June 20 – July 21)   The Full Moon (see lead paragraph) is particularly favorable for a conversation with partners.  It is a no-nonsense, “put your cards on the table”, type of candor that can help each of you see the other’s point of view.  Partner may have a negative attitude but it is up to you to enlighten him or her.

Leo the Lion:  Issues among people in the workplace may be prominent now.  This is the time to seek out win-win solutions for anyone involved.  If you have been focused on a physical self-improvement program in recent months, now is the time for display of the outcome.  You will be rewarded with what you deserve.

Virgo:   Negative attitudes or habit patterns of thought may be your undoing this week.  Reach beyond them, question your mind, look for a meditative place that gives answers to serious questions and encouragement from your source.  Avoid signing contracts at this time because it is possible your thinking is skewed.

Libra: Your activities this week may be limited to things which you feel you must do, whether or not you want to do them.  Requirements call.  You also have a responsibility to care for your body.  If it is unhappy enough, it may prevent you from going forward.  Take good care of yourself this week.

Scorpio: Activities involving travel, legal interests, the internet, and/or education are put on hold temporarily.  It is hard to get answers to your questions.  Although this is frustrating, you will not make anything better by making demands.  Your vehicle may interfere with your normal forward motion.

Sagittarius: You do not have new aspects this week, so this is a good time to give yourself a breather.  It is also favorable for self-reflection.  This kind of thing requires time.  Don’t let the demands or wants of others rob you of this quiet, restorative time.

Capricorn:  It would be all too easy to carry around a dark and critical attitude this week.  Don’t lash out with blame unless you have examined yourself for your contribution to the problem.  It is important to respect the Other, whether you agree or not.  Keep your mind open to the possibility of a rational and frank discussion of the facts.

Aquarius:  This is not your smoothest week.  For every step forward, you may be taking two or more steps in reverse.  Don’t raise your blood pressure by fighting it.  Allow yourself to go with the flow.  On an unconscious level, you may be needing all this interference.

Pisces:  You may be recognizing an illusion you have had about yourself and your direction.  This may be disappointing, but you need to see it. Monitor your inner critic this week.  It may be serving up a plate of neurotic guilt to interfere with your attitude.  You are not better or worse than anyone else.

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