Looking back on over thirty six years calling Cave Creek home and being involved with her intimately day to day, while she became an organized community, I view her now from a distance. Much like watching a friend or relative grow old; they don’t necessarily see the changes every day, but you do. Cave Creek with the roar of hundreds of motorcycles clogging up traffic, denuded medians, ugly new condo projects, the Rare Earth’s slag heap and her lust for event generated revenue, is evolving. Rumors about a Hampton Inn abound and can a traffic signal at Schoolhouse & CC road be that far in the future.

I believe the genesis of all this metamorphosis began with Adam Trenk’s attempt to tree the town spending tens of thousands to win a seat on the council where the previous going rate was about $500. Even after his electoral ouster Cave Creek seems to have become a great deal more money motivated. Granted public services cost money, but there are limits to what is necessary. A tipping point has been reached and Cave Creek needs to decide if she wants to remain a charming Western themed small town or a financially well healed Scottsdale clone.

Randy Edwards