Use a “striking redhead”

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– Details about a remarkable lifesaving development have recently been released. The apparatus should be widely available soon. Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital have combined nanotechnology and hypodermic syringes to produce an instrument that can be used to inject oxygen-rich fluids directly into human bloodstreams. Early studies involving ER and EMS applications have shown the appliances to be “excitingly successful.” Assessments continue as the mobile oxygen source will be used to treat combat casualties both in the field and during surgery.

– David Selznick was the producer of that classic movie Gone With the Wind. He wanted to use a “striking redhead” to portray Scarlett O’Hara. Lucille Ball came in for an audition. It had been raining hard all morning. Lucille’s hair was soaked when she read for Mr. Selznick. Miss Ball was not chosen for the role.

– Dr. Alphonse Rockwell (1840 – 1932) was a dentist in the state of New York. He was outspokenly opposed to capital punishment. Ironically, the doctor is credited with having invented the electric chair for purposes of human execution.

– Inappropriate settings are sometimes featured in Hollywood films. For instance:  Good Morning, Vietnam, the opening scene was filmed at a famous Thailand site – the nation’s Parliament Building. In another bit of movie foolery: many of the “spectators” in crowd scenes from Seabiscuit were in fact blowup dolls. The tactic avoided paying approximately 7,000 live extras.

– Golf historians (there seem to be many ways to make a living) claim that the golf terms birdie and eagle originated in the United States circa 1899. Those same historians assert that the modern-style golf game originated in Scotland during the 15th century. Legend has it that lying about one’s score began immediately after the first hole was completed.

– Official documents indicate that Nebraska is indeed home to a National Forest. The forest was established in 1908. I have visited Nebraska several times and have never observed any region that I considered to be “forested.” The Nebraska National Forest is located in the northwest district of the Cornhusker State and encompasses 222 square miles. I have placed that timbered region on my Bucket “To See” List.

– Seriously try to avoid Guinea Worms. The disgusting parasites typically enter human bodies when tiny larvae are ingested by people drinking polluted water. The worms then eat and grow until about 24 inches in length. Usually exiting through the skin from lower leg regions, the Dracunculus medinensis are described by some victim hosts as “unpleasant.” Well, I am wishing you a definitively pleasant day.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at