According To PVT South

Dearly beloved–Repeating myself again “life is a game of numbers and money is used to keep score”. In the USA Today, 36 shot and 7 dead in Chicago over the Memorial Day Weekend with 44 wounded and 6 dead last year. OK–In 2016 it was 61 shot no info on how many died. Obama was President in 2016 and Chicago was his home town where all the shootings were and is still going on. Where are the protest groups about those numbers? Could it be the present news media are really not interested because the Chicago Mayor is a big time Democrat?

The game is on, the Democrats have bombarded votes with ads that promise to protect Obamacare, Social Security and expand Medicare. How about a picture of DACA children holding up signs (as a child I didn’t know I was illegal). OK–You didn’t know but your mother did and that is why she came here like all the rest. Now, We The People have a problem and no one is paying attention. Hello RECONQUISTA and how it will be accomplished. Thanks to the Democratic party over the years, millions of Mexican illegal immigrants have been pouring into the USA so their long term game plan is, by their sheer presence and numbers those in the RECONQUISTA movement, believe that a time will come when they take political control of some Western States and succeed those back to Mexico (hello California). Question: Do you know what LA RAZA is all about? Some do but most don’t.

Now the big question, would a sound National ID System in the USA make life easier for most Americans? Of course it would, but you never hear that kind of talk coming from Congress. Some of you out there could write and ask Congress what is going on. How about asking Congress to shut the border down and take inventory of illegals coming into the USA.

PVT South