Term limits

By now you have all read about the challenging of the Town’s term limits.  I won’t go into all the technicalities of our law except to say that even though the Town’s citizens voted for term limits, it was never a legal action since the State Legislature does not acknowledge nor accept term limits for towns such as Carefree.

And no matter what you have been lead to believe, this is very good news for our town.

First of all, I strongly believe that the voters don’t need a law limiting the number of terms an official can be elected.  The voters themselves are the ultimate term limit.  If you don’t like the job we are doing, you can vote not to reelect us every two years.

Secondly, in this, as in the last election there are no opponents for our Council seats.  Why would we turn away someone who wants to serve when there are no others willing to step up to the plate?

I applaud the court for its interpretation of the law.  Now let’s concentrate on getting those that wish to serve back in office and concentrate on the business at hand:  enhancing the Carefree lifestyle for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Cheryl Kroyer
Council Member
Town of Carefree