According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved – After the Parkland shooting there was so much anger and hoopla, that it was said there wouldn’t be another one. Well hello Santa Fe. Liberals are so predictable, every time there is a shooting all We The People hear is more gun control measures. Crazy Bernie was on TV practically foaming at the mouth blaming the NRA. Have you noticed it’s always the guns and never the shooter.

Get ready to slow down all kinds of violence in the USA, especially the shooting kind. (pay attention Bernie) Every time a shooter is apprehended at the scene (dead or alive) that person is automatically guilty and not a suspect because he was caught. (lawyers would not agree) The Santa Fe shooter is only 17, to solve that problem in America how about in the future (13 to 19) should be considered young adults, meaning 13 to 19 could get the death penalty for a serious crime. With that kind of law, the Santa Fe shooter could be quickly turned over to the County Judge, who then turns the shooter over to the County Sheriff who then takes the shooter to the County Jail and without fanfare (hangs the sucker). The Sheriff then turns the dead killer over to the Undertaker who then later returns the remains back to the Sheriff. (it is now show time) The Sheriff takes the killers remains to the County Jail and without fanfare again, flushes the remains down the County Jail toilet that is used by the inmates. (end of story and what say you Bernie)

The Royal wedding was a huge success and the sun shined so bright you would think it was Kentucky. PVT South noticed Prince William and Prince Harry driving up and getting out of a nice big Mercedes. One would think a Jaguar would have been more appropriate but what the heck. Hitler must really be dead in England.

Dearly Beloved–The press and news media still prefer to cover Trump instead of the news and according to PVT South, CNN has let itself become THE GONG SHOW OF NETWORK NEWS.

PVT South