Another form of euthanasia

Don, Another form of euthanasia that no one wants to talk about, is attempting to cross North Tom Darlington drive, on the walkway from Ridgeview Pl., in the daylight.

Our city fathers have attempted to remedy an unsafe situation, by putting yellow blinking pavement lights in, in addition to a red stop light facing each direction. The system works well at night, but appears to be an almost invisible deterrent in the day time, to those who chose to run it, while paying no attention to those in the walkway.

Not withstanding the fact, the village is missing an opportunity for revenue enhancement by posting a squad car there,  I would propose putting a small strobe light under the red lights that face both directions. A strobe light would catch a drivers attention, and hopefully, at that point, the driver would also notice the red stop light.

For those that want to test my hypothesis, push the light crossing button, give cars five seconds to notice, and then proceed to walk across, looking only straight forward.

P.S. get your affairs in order before performing this test.

Bob Schmidt
Concerned Carefree Resident