May 30 – June 5, 2018

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Mercury continues to be the star of the cosmic show this week.  Last week I wrote about the multiple aspects from Mercury.  There were seven and this week there will be another seven.  The theme of communications continues to dominate.  That refers to anything oral or written, notes or messages.  Don’t believe everything you hear until you have confirmation from another source.

Aries: You are given new information about the state of your physical being.  It will be encouraging and energizing.  If you are having any kind of medical procedure it should be very good and helpful to you mentally and physically.

Taurus:  You may be tempted to overindulge this week, so tighten your resolve if you are on a self-improvement program.  Give yourself a break in another area so you won’t feel self-abused.  Your imagination and creativity are strong right now and you may be drawn to participate in the arts or music in some way.  It will be refreshing.

Gemini the Twins: (May 20 — June 21) Travel and/or a vacation away will give you the breather you need.  After you have had a break from a tense situation, go back and start again with an open mind.   This is a week that will stroke your ego and help you celebrate your life.

Cancer:  This week is favorable for travel, socializing, romance and relationships to children.  Your fantasy and dream life is productive and worthy of thought.  Artistry and creativity are strong suits at this time.  Express yourself in colorful mediums.  You don’t have to be a genius, just enjoy it.

Leo:  You are in a reasonably good place with yourself at this time.  Your heart and mind are flowing together.  You have no conflict between your feelings and your thoughts about those feelings.  This is a time for reflection on important subjects.  You can make good decisions now.

Virgo:  You are thinking fast and the wheels are rolling forward in your life.  Others like your ideas and want to help you manifest them. This is a good time to study any material because your thoughts are flowing.

Libra:  You have several aspects that favor romance, the arts, and things of beauty.  You may be the happy recipient of small gifts, compliments or favors from others.   Your mind wants to wander in the world of fantasy, daydreams, good books, and music.  It is not a great week for getting things done, but you will enjoy the journey.

Scorpio:  Early in the week an opportunity to expand your social life brings smiles.  You may be invited to a party or you might meet someone new.  This aspect is from Venus, goddess of love and creativity.  The muse may be at your side as you produce a particularly creative idea or solution to a problem.

Sagittarius:  You are in an optimistic and generous frame of mind.  You may party a little (or a lot).  The temptation is to overdo on anything that seems positive and fun.  If finances are an issue, leave the credit cards at home to prevent you from making impulsive purchases.  If you really want that item, it will be there tomorrow.

Capricorn:  Changes may be occurring in your primary relationship.  One or the other of you is probably trying to hang onto what is familiar.  Changes and growth must be allowed to happen or the relationship will become stale.  Let things flow naturally. Don’t jump to conclusions or make problems bigger than they are.

Aquarius:  This looks like a week in which you really want to say your piece, but you have a sense that would be a bad idea.  This is correct if you feel so upset that you can’t present your case with a clear rationale.  If you organize your thoughts and present them with confidence, you could accomplish an improvement.

Pisces: This is a wonderful time to travel and especially to be on the water.  Events of this week trigger your sense of compassion and draw you into the need to assist in the healing of another.  As you live into this experience, you will discover that having compassion also heals you.  Your spirit is lifted.  Don’t ignore the call.

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