Yielding to political pressure?

So proud American firearms manufacturer Ruger is going to report on gun violence, having yielded to leftist pressure?

In the spirit of fair,  all-inclusive coverage, I hope Ruger also reports all instances of fist, foot, vehicle, screwdriver, baseball/cricket, rebar, pipe-wrench, cast-iron fry pan, knife (why is it always a “butcher” knife, anyway?) cinderblock, rock, curtain cord, etc. violence.

After all, isn’t it the American way to blame the instrument of death, rather than the criminal?

Sarcastically yours,

J-P. A. Maldonado

P.S.: If Ruger continues to surrender to liberal, hoplophobic elements, I will sell my Ruger rifles and replace these with rifles made by Henry Repeating Arms, a real American company