According to Pvt South

Now the genetic news  polls show (Whatever that means) the Democrats only with a small lead after President Trumps great speech in Elkhart, Indiana…….but hold everything, that could just be fake news……according to the same type of polls, Queen Hillary was going to win big and everyone believed it (Including yours truly). Be leery of Network News and who is putting it out.

Unless Rocket Man does something stupid before or during the Singapore meeting next month, President Trump will look better and better while the Democrats continue to down play whatever he does. Recently Nancy Pelosi stated she would cut out the Tax cuts if she became Speaker again after the Mid-term elections. (Perfect)  Pvt South still thinks China dictates whatever Rocket Man does because North Korea is a very small country (So go figure).

OK we have a well-qualified women to run the CIA, but all of a sudden she is branded someone who condones torture (Give me a break). No one ever died from being water boarded and to keep America safe, we should do whatever it takes, unless WE the PEOPLE are no longer serious about being a number one world power.

What the Hell is going on?ii The Boy Scouts of America are letting girls come into an all-male organization…..why?  To make life better or just to make it a gender neutral organization. This has to be another liberal move to change the make-up of America (how many times have you heard the media remark “there are just to many white guys?”) Where would America be today if Queen Hillary had won?

Take notice of all the Muslims running for office in America (including in your own back yard). Muslims have made great gains in the UK so pay close attention. OK so you are more interested in Prince Harry and Meagan getting hooked up this week-end, will they come to America, yes. Will she get pregnant; yes. Will they be in the tabloids every week: yes.

Dearly Beloved, they will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Pvt South