May 16—May 22, 2018


For All Signs: The message in the planets calls us to break from living out the tired old dramas.  If we are to save our world we need to change paradigms.  Taking revenge for past wrongs is not a cool thing to do.  Neither is acting out the same old creaking stories between men and women, or letting warriors rule the planet just because they are louder than peacemakers.  Any thinking person would have to agree that continuing our warring history in the same way will not accomplish anything better than what we’ve got:  a circus of a world that is trapped in constant replay.  Each of us can choose a better option for whatever is happening personally.  We do not have to be in replay mode forever.  If you can think of nothing new or better to do about an issue, hold the question in mind before you go to sleep.  A fresh and improved version of dealing will be “there” for evaluation in the morning.  If we refuse to play the same old tapes, the mind will come up with a new solution.

Aries: Your attention naturally shifts toward plans for the future and finding ways to meet your goals.  The probability is high that you will be leading or joining activities that call for cooperation from one or more groups of people for the next several weeks.

Taurus the Bull:  (Apr 20—May 20) Plan to work and play alone early in the week.  You likely will be feeling restless and generally tense.  Your patience could be short and you might say things you’ll wish you hadn’t.  You have a desire to break free from restraints.  It is a short transit.  Look for a way to handle this with moderation.

Gemini:  This is a particularly busy week for the Mercurial Gemini’s.  You will need to be Twins to cover all your bases.  The sun returns “home” to your sign now.  You likely will find it to be energizing.  Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next year of your life.  Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your energy.

Cancer:  Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling “with you” until June 13.  Her presence gives you an air of poise and people will simply like how you look.  Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in anything which adds beauty to our lives.

Leo:  A small cycle change this week shifts your attention to the areas of community, contacts, and broader social relationships.  You may become more involved with other people’s children for a few weeks.  This is a good time to develop your network of contacts.  A snafu in paperwork or communications on or near the 18th will be resolved within a week.

Virgo:  You are one busy Virgo this week.  Your planetary avatar, Mercury, is flitting from one aspect to the next and covering a lot of territory.  This is happening in your 9th sector of exploration, travel, the internet, publishing, education and matters of the law.  You probably will experience increased energy when dealing with these areas.

Libra:  For the next 3.5 weeks your activities are on display.  Others are noticing your performance, so make it great.  You may be standing in the limelight.  Your leadership gifts come to the foreground at this time.

Scorpio:  Your focus shifts at this time to matters of home, property, and family.  Through the summer you may be handling heavy work around your home, and/or making repairs.  Your temper will be short if you don’t pour big muscle energy into something.

Sagittarius:  You may need to deal with an old wound or emotional injury related to a lover or child.  If you are disturbed by someone in either type of relationship, it is time to look inside yourself for the true causative agent.  Likely it is buried in the past.  If the past situation had not happened, you would not be so hurt now.

Capricorn:  This is an excellent time to pursue any activity that requires your mental concentration.  The Goats are not always able to sit still enough to learn theoretical information, but right now there is a window open for it.  Contracts and written communications, along with short distance travel, have go signals.  Thumbs up on love life.

Aquarius:  Mars, the warrior energy, enters your sign now and through the summer.   It routinely spends 6 weeks in each sign, but it will do a retrograde twirl before it leaves you. You will need to be more conscious of setting boundaries around yourself.  Speak up about what you will and will not do.  You may feel edgy and quick on the trigger.  Maybe this is useful at this time.

Pisces:  There is an old saying:  “Don’t believe everything you think.”  Take this one to heart this week.  Your feelings and thoughts may be only projections of what you want to think.  You might identify a piece of information as a truth, when indeed, it is merely your opinion.

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