Farrar has wasted 7 years of Carefree’s time

Those that hit below the belt, have nothing of value to offer. Someone should remind Mr. Farrar he’s part of the so called establishment that he has stepped on and ridiculed, struggling to get in the race, after announcing his candidacy. Has anyone asked Mr. Farrar WHY he has decided to finally “get interested” in his council seat after an excruciating and useless 7 years of grandstanding and narcissistic ways? It’s very well known that Farrar is using Carefree as a stepping stone to try to advance his numerous failed attempts for a political career at the state level. Good luck.

A little festival, cheap photo opportunities, failed endorsements, and wrapping himself in the American flag doesn’t display proven leadership. He is your quintessential politician who haphazardly threw a picture up on-line of himself shaking hands with Gov. Doug Ducey and called it an endorsement and then hastily took it down once a Carefree resident called him on misleading advertising.

What’s ironic that Mr. Farrar has aligned himself with resident and long time town complainer, Mr. John Traynor (who by the way has LOST 3 elections for Carefree Town Council).  Mr. Traynor is another quick to criticize,  “no solutions” professional. Birds of a feather do flock together. These folks for years have been bad news for Carefree, offering no value.  We don’t need slimy politicians who twist the facts for personal gain. Shame on you, Mr. Farrar, you might get away with this in the town west of us (of which you seem to spend more time in anyway) but this is not how Carefree residents behave. The only unity you will bring to Carefree is to those who are unified to vote against your transparent, disingenuous, self serving ways.

The honorable, PROVEN Mayor Les Peterson has my vote.

Long Time Observant Carefree Resident,

C. Roberts