What areas in my body are affected by a low back injury?

Dr Leisa

Good question. The nerves from the low back or lumbar spine go to organs, muscles, and your lower limbs. Many times, patients who have low back pain complain of problems with these mentioned above. The sciatic nerve is a major nerve involved in low back pain, but there are many more that can cause problems in your body if not corrected in time. There are different conditions ranging from disc issues, trauma, tumors, and others that can affect nerve function in the lumbar spine.

Most chiropractic patients may complain of problems with organs, muscles, and their legs and feet, as a result of compression of the nerves. Most of the time, this is treatable with chiropractic decompression, however, it is very important that an exam be done, and in most cases, an X-Ray, or MRI to rule out more severe conditions.

Organs that are affected by low back pain

The nerves that come from the lower back, and pelvic nerves, control what we call the genito– urinary organs. These organs consist of the genitals, and the urinary system. Conditions like bladder issues and erectile dysfunction may occur with low back conditions. Chiropractic decompression helps these conditions effectively. The lumbar spine also controls the colon. Severe injuries to the lumbar spine can cause loss of bowel or urine function. If this happens, it is a serious medical emergency. Most low-back conditions don’t cause this, however if they do, it must be treated immediately.

Muscles that are affected by low back pain

The muscles that are generally affected by low back pain are the erector spinae group. They run along the spine. Quadratus lumborum, these are at the base of the spine at the top of the hips. Iliopsoas, deep within the pelvis and lumbar spine. Gluteus Medius and Maximus or Buttocks. Piriformis, these run deep along the spine under the organs. Iliotibial band or IT band. These are the cartilaginous bands that run down the outside of the thighs by the hip joints. Hamstrings, the back of the thighs, and Quadriceps the front of the thighs. Without rewriting Gray’s anatomy, ( yes there was a major textbook titled Gray’s Anatomy, years before there was a TV show with the same name) I can sum up the actions of these muscles. They control the lower back hips and thighs. There are also urinary and genital muscles that can be affected by low back pain.

The lower limbs are affected by low back pain

The problems arise when low-back conditions go on for so long, they cause atrophy, or weakening of the muscles of the hips, thighs, legs, and feet. This may cause instability or incoordination. Taking pain medications or having injections, are like the engine light going on in the car, then having the mechanic turn it off and sending you home. You’d never do that with your vehicle, why do it to your body? Correction should be made before it’s too late. Surgery may be the only answer at that time.

Specific exercises must also be done in conjunction with your chiropractic and acupuncture care. Muscles must be strengthened and retrained to perform the proper functions they were meant to do. Treating the pain and back condition without therapeutic exercise is not complete. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to be examined to determine if your low back pain has caused further damage to any of the above organs, muscles, or limbs. It could be a much more serious condition.

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