The General Plan and “Desert Rural”

Are we loosing our “desert rural” character? The proposed 2018 General Plan includes the words “desert rural” 21 times. The phrase “western heritage” shows 5 times.

Some citizens think we can preserve Cave Creek the way it was in the past. Perhaps they think we can grow into a bigger version of historic Cave Creek. If we want to keep the town the way it is now, we might want a moratorium on subdividing and/or sale of properties. We might try to stop construction of new homes. We might harass those who patronize our bars, restaurants and businesses. We could spread the rumor that this is a terrible place to move to. In essence, we could try to put the Genie back into the lamp. But we really know we can’t.

Let me use an analogy. Right from birth, we don’t have the option of not changing. Making healthy choices has benefited us, but we can’t stop the clock. Like each of us, the Town of Cave Creek is a dynamic and growing entity. That’s why, every ten years, we need to take a new look at where we are where we want to go. We may not like some of the changes that are occurring, but we need to “look in the mirror” and plan accordingly.

Rapid change is occurring all around us, especially as we watch metropolitan development advance to our door. But we do have a door. And we can influence what happens on this side of the door. We can measure our success by contrasting what we see around us with what we see in Cave Creek.

Approval of the 2018 General Plan is a way to recognize the current challenges we face and express ways to preserve “desert rural” as much as we can. Electing people who can best implement realistic ideas for the town is also critical. On August 28 (or before if you vote mail-in) you will be voting on both the General Plan and on those whom you sent to govern. Choose carefully.

Thomas McGuire
Cave Creek Councilman