According To PVT South (May 9, 2018)

Dearly Beloved – Michelle Obama really cannot understand American Women even voted for Trump in the first place. HOLD EVERYTHING (I can) After 8 years when your husband was in the White House and now thankfully out, I can once again feel proud of my Country. For 8 years your husband did an excellent job getting even with the Founding Fathers and the White Man for Slavery, but not much else. (That’s why Hillary lost) OK–Just after a year and a half with Trump in the White House the stock market is way up, Americans are going back to work in huge numbers, our military is getting stronger (that’s real important) and the United States is getting a lot more respect around the world. Having said that, sweet Nancy Pelosi still thinks the Democrats will win back control of Congress at the Midterm elections. She also plans on running for Speaker again (perfect) because she knows the liberal press and news media will support all Democrats no matter what. Early on the Press was supposed to be watch dogs for good government, and then Bill and Queen Hillary came to town and ruined everything. The United States has been a number one world power since 1946, but if Queen Hillary had won, America’s days as being number 1 would be over.

I’m sure some folks in Cave Creek watch the Kentucky Derby this past Saturday. Here in Louisville it rained all day (almost 3 inches). Friday and Sunday it was warm and sunny. My new wife of almost 6 months went to a Derby Party that her parents started going to for over 50 years. Here we have in old Louisville two houses side by side prepared to party under any conditions, and have (where over 200 close friends are invited). In one driveway a large motor home with a Disc Jockey playing great music and not far away a convenient bookie that covered all bets. (he did real good) In the other driveway it was a smorgasbord of great food and bourbon was everywhere. That afternoon, the Disc Jockey put on Gene Kelly’s famous song (singing in the rain) and several ladies came out barefoot and holding umbrellas dancing around in the wet green grass. After losing a Franklin, I decided to quit feeding the Ponies. See you next year and once again I hope it doesn’t rain. It’s not easy keeping your powder dry on Derby Day

PVT South