Elections and more….

Election for town mayor and council will be held in August but packets have been available and will be available until the end of May.

Currently, Mayor Ernie Bunch and Councilwoman Eileen Wright have pulled mayoral packets.

Other Council members who pulled council packets are: Tom McGuire, David Smith, Vice Mayor Ron Sova and Susan Clancy.

Others drawing a council packet are former Mayor Tom Augherton and Reg Mononchino who served on the Adam Trenk dark side council that was voted out of office.

The remainder of potential council candidates are Robert Morris, Bruce Arlen, Anna Marsolo (former defeated Mayoral candidate) and Kathryn Royer.

Sonoran News archives have loads of information about most of the candidates so watch for future fun. At this point it appears another dark side council takeover will be attempted.

Carefree Elections

We asked Carefree administration for the same material we received from Cave Creek but at press time received nothing. Based on the letter to the editor from Carefree Councilman Mike Farrar, he will be facing Les Peterson for Carefree Mayor.

School Walkout #RedForEd

All of a sudden the sky will fall unless we give Arizona school teachers a 20 percent raise. Governor Ducey jumped to promise he would do that without an idea where the money would come from. He has refused to meet with AEA Union people and bless him for that. There are actually two unions AEA and Arizona Educators United; both are useless unless you like breaking laws. I hope somehow teachers and their union leaders suffer substantial legal consequences for their stupidity.

Food servers tried threats and walkouts to get their way and it didn’t take long for robots to increasingly man former human positions in the food chain.

Won’t work for teachers? Yes it will and a programmed robot will replace teachers in a short period. Just show the right entrepreneurs the money and it will happen.

The illegal leaders and their young followers coined #RedForEd and donned red clothes to show their affiliation. I was leaving Mayo and driving north on Tatum Boulevard when I noticed a tribe of red clothed mouthy people with signs shouting some kind of belligerent nonsense so my answer was an Italian salute causing them to hemorrhage as a group. Made my day!

The question is will the school unions and teachers be arrested and jailed for their illegal tactics?

I believe blanket payroll raises rather than merit raises will continue to produce lousy teaching results.