USA as a gigantic Switzerland?

The Editor

The Arizona Republic


Mr. Robb has made an interesting point. What if the USA were to become a gigantic* Switzerland? We could retract our defenses to our borders, and rely only on tried-and-true allies, instead of taking one side or the other in Middle Eastern and South Asian tribal end ethnic disputes. I still cannot figure out why we declared Desert Storm, losing personnel and materiel while Saudi Arabia held our coats and eyeglasses as we fought on the kingdom’s defense! And let us not even approach the subject of Syria and Afghanistan!

Yes – we should become a gigantic* Switzerland, minding our own business, and insisting that all males of military age maintain and  service military firearms and d practise marksmanship in defense of our homeland (the southern border comes to mind). Let the warring tribes in the Middle East and South Asia duke it out, as they have since the Sixth Century. Let them eat their own petroleum; we have our own reserves in the USA.

* Note to Mr. Robb:    The proper adjective is gigantic.  “Giant” is a noun

J-P. A. Maldonado