Motorcycle Week


Thanks for the timely and accurate opinion page view about the disruptive Bike Week, that includes two weekends of this mayhem.  Why does the town allow the big bars to pack their parking lots with vendors, close off street lanes for parking and allow a complete takeover of our town by out of town partiers?  As you stated, how much sales tax revenue does the town really receive and how much cash sales go unaccounted for?  Regardless of the revenue, it is not worth the cost to our town quality of life.  As a 24 year resident, I have seen our town devolve into a loud and garish bar town that has sold its soul to the few big bars that seem to control town hall, and all the while they year round assault our previously quiet evenings with loud music.  One thing that you didn’t mention is the stream of loud, straight pipe, motorcycle up and down Cave Creek Road that make our home uninhabitable during these nine days and nights.  I suggest that the town leaders reduce the event to one weekend and require the bars to use their parking lots to park their patrons.  Also, the Maricopa County Sheriff needs to set up speed enforcement on Cave Creek Road to keep the exhaust pipe volume level to within the limits of the town noise ordinance and give drivers a chance to enter the road without an accident.  I can assure you that most riders did not observe the posted speed limits.  It seems that speed enforcement disappeared.  I will be quizzing each mayoral and council seat candidate for their position on this issue.


Stephen Sample
Cave Creek