According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, Mark Zuckerberg went to Congress to face the music but the members were playing a different tune. Basically Mark is a high tech computer genius who created Facebook while the members of Congress are low tech amateurs trying to ask difficult questions. So after two days of questioning, what did We The People learn? (Absolutely nothing) Early on the Democrats loved Facebook because it was helping there Party, but later it turns out, since it was helping the Republicans it became bad news.

Speaker Paul Ryan’s exit is bad news for the Republicans, however would be extremely nice if he would take Mitch McConnell with him. (No explanation is necessary.) The Democrats are looking forward to the mid-term elections which is baffling to me. After eight years of Obama, the Democrats are once again jazzed up, so just remember out there, do you really want Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi running around creating more sanctuary cities and trans-gender bathrooms?

Wow a Pre-Kentucky Derby party at the Turf Paradise Racetrack is basically down home for yours truly. Living in Derby City (Louisville, Ky) is a big deal but only on the first Saturday in May. You will see beautiful women dressed to the nines wearing Derby hats and going to the races or to various parties in town. Churchill Downs will have over 160,000 paid spectators patiently waiting to watch a race that will last about two whole minutes. Before the RUN for the Roses when the horses are coming on to the track, the band starts playing , MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME and then it is show time (and hope it doesn’t rain). Pvt South has been to the Derby more than once.

PVT South