How will Valley Metro RideKick app improve service?

Demands by riders to have a more straightforward and efficient way of paying and planning for a trip is soon going to be available. Valley Metro has come up with a solution to carry your passes on the phone. They will soon launch an app called the RideKick that allows you to do exactly that and what’s more you don’t need to carry your passes every time you are travelling all you need is your phone.

RideKick app is not yet approved and is going to be tested this year and expected to be running in 2019. Susan Tierney, communication manager at Valley Metro, says the pilot program is intended to improve on RideKick app from the feedback received from people who will be using it this year.

Uber, GriD bike and Lyft systems are added to the app as part of the integration. It becomes easier to move around Phoenix with these systems in place. You’ll have the satisfaction of not driving yourself especially in areas where you know little.

RideKick app makes travelling more comfortable and all you need to do is feed the app with where you begin moving and where your journey ends. With only these two pieces of information, the app will generate the road map to your trip.

The pilot program will be free and Federal transit administration will fund it and since the program is open to only a few people will be part of the program and for those who wish to be part of the program are requested to email Valley Metro through their email

The launch of this app is a good idea that will make it easy for travelers to move from one town to another within the Phoenix area, but has it solved the never-ending security issues passengers are facing? For those who are aware of this pilot program and the intended launch of the app think that they could address more concerning issues like security.

There are cases where people board buses and light rail without passes and the introduction of the RideKick will not solve the problem according to individuals with this experience.