The military can secure the border and build the wall

For the last 75 years, the US has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to have the US Armed Forces protect international borders, and fund the construction of border walls in a countless number of countries throughout the world.  Unfortunately, for the last 40 years, the United States has not had secure international borders in its own country.

The American citizens are no longer safe from the invasion of drugs smugglers, Radical Islamic Terrorists, smugglers of women sold for prostitution, MS 13 gang members from Central America, convicted criminals/repeat offenders who prey on the lives of innocent Americans, the influx of millions of illegal aliens, and the spread of infective diseases throughout the nation and in public schools, because illegal aliens are no longer quarantined in compliance with The Immigration and Nationality Act.  Over the last 40 years, the United States has been invaded by over 20 million of illegal aliens who continue to violate US Federal Immigration Laws.

Millions of Illegal aliens have refused to assimilate, refused to honor the American Flag, continue to pay allegiance to Mexico, take advantage of US welfare benefits, receive more food stamps than any state in the nation, receive billions of dollars in medical treatment, and their children who cannot read or write English retard the progress of education in grammar schools.   Illegal Immigration has become the “Achilles Heel” for the Republic, and the sinister forces that support illegal immigration, designed to change the character of the Republic, are undercutting the rule of law, and already have taken control of the governance of the State of California.

California has by far the largest number of illegal aliens of any state, there were 2.3 million illegal aliens in 2014, and their numbers have dramatically increased to over 4+ million in the last 4 years.   According to the Census Bureau, California has the highest poverty rate in the nation; nearly one in five residents are poor.  While California accounts for 12% of America’s population, it accounts for one third of America’s welfare checks. California has more people on welfare than most countries in the world.

California is now home to 22% of this nation’s homeless population.  California income taxes, business taxes, sales taxes and gas taxes are the highest in the nation, in order to pay for the enormous costs of illegal alien health care, welfare, medical care, student education, housing, and the incarceration of convicted illegal aliens in prisons (they are 33% of the prison population).  California has become a foreign state inside America; 44% of Californians don’t speak English at home.

The United States is the only major country in the world that has a wide open international border.  The security of international borders of the United States and enforcement of US Immigration Laws, has always been the responsibilities off the US Federal Government.  The US Army Joint Task Force North’s military engineers have been constructing 62 miles of roads adjacent to the southern border, and constructed border fences in support of their drug smuggling prevention mission.

For over 200 years, the US military has been protecting US international borders, from redcoats invading the US from Canada, Apaches raiding the southwest from their safe havens in Mexico, from the banditry raids of Pancho Villa, in protecting the nation from the infiltration of Nazis in the 1940s, to opposing Radical Islamic Terrorists today.

It is the responsibility of 21,000 US Border Patrol Agents (they are currently 2000 Agents under strength) to protect the US International borders. US Federal Immigration Laws are enforced within the United States by 20,000 US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents  (ICE Agents).  It is the responsibility of ICE Agents to apprehend over 20+ million illegal aliens, who have violated US Federal Immigration Laws by illegally entering the United States.  ICE Agents have been focusing their efforts of apprehending the large number of illegal aliens repeat offenders,  and convicted criminals; in the course of rounding them up, they are also apprehend other illegal aliens.

Sanctuary states and cities have disrupted the enforcement of US Federal Immigration Laws, by prohibiting local and state law enforcement officers from cooperating with ICE Agents, and has made the once ordinary apprehending process of transferring jailed illegal aliens from local law enforcement agencies to ICE Agents unworkable.  Despite prohibiting law enforcement officers in sanctuary cities and states from cooperating with ICE Agents, this year to date, ICE Agents have still apprehended 105,736 convicted criminal illegal aliens.

For the past 40 years, criminal illegal aliens who should not have been in the United States, have killed and maimed thousands of innocent Americans.  Criminal illegal aliens have terrorized border towns, robbed angel moms and dads of their murdered children, endangered law enforcement officers, and substantially increased the dangers of ICE Agents because they can no long apprehend convicted illegal aliens from local jails.

Thousands of convicted illegal aliens serving prison terms in sanctuary cities and states, upon completion of their sentences or upon release because of overcrowding, continue to be released into the general population, instead of being handed over to ICE Agents for deportation to their countries of origin.  Many of those criminals illegal aliens returned to crime including the sale and smuggling of drugs.  In 2017, 63,000 Americans died from the scourge of opioids, many of those illegal drugs were smuggled thru the wide open southern border.

The Bush and Obama administrations previously mobilized as many 6000 members of the National Guard to back up the US Border Patrol to prevent the entry of convicted criminals, MS 13 gang members, drug smugglers, Radical Islamic Terrorists, illegal aliens, etc. thru the wide open southern border.   The Trump administration is federalizing 4000 National Guard Troops to back up and supplement the US Border Patrol.

The Texas Department of Public Safety regularly employs the Texas National Guard to support law enforcement in interdicting drugs being smuggled across the southern borders.  The previous and current Governors of Texas stated that the Texas National Guard works well with Texas Law Enforcement.  In the state of Texas alone, over 245,000 criminal illegal aliens have been arrested for armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, rape, white slavery, car theft, smuggling, dealing drugs, burglary, prostitution, home invasions, etc.

The US contributes billions of dollars each year to many nations throughout the world, to assist them in building border walls along their country’s perimeters, and to protect their borders from illegal incursion.  The US provides funds to secure borders in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, South Korea, Germany, Iraq, Panama, Morocco, Greece, Thailand, Lithuania, Latvia, Afghanistan, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Panama, etc.  In addition the US has 14,000 troops in Afghanistan, 39,000 in Japan, 34,805 in Germany, 23,000 in South Korea, approximately 5,200 in Iraq, and thousands of military personnel in Italy, France, Kurdistan, England, Scotland, Panama, the Philippines, Australia, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, etc.

The invasion of the United States, by the above listed illegal aliens, has been undermining US Immigration Laws under the US Constitution, is perpetrating the commission of thousands of crimes against innocent American citizens, and requiring the expenditure of billions of dollars in medical, welfare , and educational costs to support illegal aliens.  Dealing with the invaders internally, after they penetrate the border,  is no longer sustainable—the invasion must be stopped at the border.

It is time for the US military to guarantee the sovereignty of the Republic by protecting the borders of the United States, and by helping to build a border wall, as they have done so for countless nations throughout the world for 75 years.  The below listed article by Daniel Greenfield further explains, in specific detail, why there is an urgent need to mobilize the US Armed Forces to protect the Republic from the continued invasion of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt    USNR(Ret)/Former FBI
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
San Diego, CA