Wall with Mexico

A crazy question for consideration: “Can Donald Trump start a crowd funding for the Wall?”

A few words about us.

My husband Mark and I have been residing in the area for more than twenty years. And we have been reading Sonoran News that long too. We are naturalized American citizens.

The damage done by the eight years of the Obama administration and a relentless pressure from the progressives are ruining this society, pushing it towards the Communist type like China, Venezuela, Cuba etc.

Long time ago we fled to America from the USSR, the slave country ruled by ideological liars like Hillary and Obama. During Obama’s eight years it was painful for us to see how our new homeland was driven to disaster by corrupt and crooked demagogues which called themselves ‘democrats’.

We voted for Donald Trump, because he did name the real problems and showed the way out of the swamp created by the previous administrations. He is not a demagogue, he is a man of action. We do support his determination to pull this country back onto the right track.

And the very important step on this way is to defend our southern borders from the hordes of illegals.

We think the Wall construction is the number one priority now.

Marina Kachur
Cave Creek