Sights and Sounds to Fill Carefree Gardens


You can get up close to artists and musician weekends in the Carefree Gardens and its free! Your eyes will be treated to local artists demonstrating their talent and style Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Visitors are encouraged to stop and chat with the artists, up-close and personal. Many mediums such as oil, watercolor, sketch, sculpting, and other art forms will be featured! Many musical genres will entice your ears, ranging from Native American to electric guitar.

Artists will include: Henry Molder, Native American Flute; Rick Smith, Guitar; Ron Lape, Fine Art; Joanie Wolter, Cuvee Arts; Chuck Hall, Guitar; William Leach, Charcoal Sketch; Joerg Auer, Sculpture; Gentle Thunder, Indian Chant Music; and Marlena Sabatina, Feather Heart Studio.