According to PVT South

Dearly Beloved–In the past, sometimes the big question would be “should I vote Republican or Democrat”? Now after eight years of Obama, the Democratic party has created a very clear picture of what kind of Government We The People want in various parts of the country. If you want every state to resemble California and every city to resemble San Francisco then just vote Democrat. During the up and coming mid-term elections the ever crafty Democrats are taking dead aim at the ten year census and would you believe the liberal state of California is upset because one question is asking if you are a citizen of this country. WOW–To ask is unconstitutional and could even create an undercount and would even intimidate immigrants both legal and illegal. Give me a break. All this chaos has come about because Democrats will do anything to stay in power and voting illegals is nothing new. Sanctuary Cities is dangerous to the citizens but the Democrats could care less. What is really sad and scary, the liberal press and news media support the Democratic agenda. Some major cities also agree with California and don’t forget China, Russia, North Korea and other Rogue Nations. (they also agree)

Here at home, the University of Louisville hired a new basketball coach (sorry Rick) at four million a year for seven years. OK–So how much does the University President make? Also our County School System called the JCPS has been put on notice. (the central office is dysfunctional) How about that? It has been run by union Democrats for ever, so no big deal. The county school enrollment is 101,000. So how big is your system?

Obama came out and stated he did such a good job there should be a million Obama’s out there. Turns out, one was one too many. If Hillary had won we would have seen a million.

PVT South